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Subscription Service For Homemade Cold Pressed Pure Oils

Pure Oil Box

About Us

We select the seeds, nuts, berries, fruits and vegetables from reliable sources to create recipes of special mixes and send them in boxes to you each month to press by your or provided by us machine the healthy oil blends at your place.
Most of today cooking oils are produced by industrial pressing, they may include chemical additives that extend the shelf life of the oils, make its clearer or change its flavor, color or even chemical composition. The cold pressed oil retains a genuine aroma and nutrients, as well as most of the vitamins and minerals, but may oxidize quickly. The Pure Oil Box is solution to press healthy cold pressed oils in volume and case of needs.
Our focus is to enhance human health by allowing people to access a great range of quality oils, to bring traditional knowledge of oils into the modern era.

Variety of 10 different edible oils


We Create Healthy Oils Blends To Press at Home For You & Your Family

Benefits of Cold Pressed Oils


  • Extracted with less heat which saves all nutrition,

  • Rich in nutrition: contain all essential nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, phospholipids, lecithin,

  • Free from harmful, toxic chemicals like Gallate, Propyl, BHT, BHA,
  • Boost immune system and support health,

  • Taste great: food cooked in cold-pressed oil has an inherent flavor and taste.

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Mini Expeller Press Machine For Home

Press machine can be acquired within the subscription plan as well

This process is 100% chemical free. Nothing is added or taken away.

 In This Method Of Oil Extraction, The Heat Generated Is Very Low, Which Ensures All The Nutrients Are Intact.

Pure Oil Boxes


By pressing oils at home you are completely in control of what goes into your oil.

Cooking Box

Blends to press cooking oils to use daily.

Dressing Box

Blends to press oils for culinary delights.

Mix Box

Mix of cooking and dressing blends.

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